TDE is one of the main national producers of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and since its foundation, it has been a Joint Venture 50% owned by DOW CHEMICAL IBERICA and REPSOL QUIMICA. The company’s business model is oriented to provide innovative, efficient and sustainable products and solutions to our partners. Located in the Polígono Sur of Tarragona, our plant has three production units and occupies more than 61,000 m2. TDE currently employs more than 60 people, and our production capacity exceeds 175,000 tons/year.

Mission and Corporate values

TDE’s purpose, vision, and values have adapted to the evolution and changing sensitivities of our society, incorporating new values into our group’s culture and diversity of our stakeholders. Our mission is to provide shareholder companies with sustainable and innovative products in a safe, reliable and efficient way, creating a value chain within their business structures and strategic plans.

Values that inspire our action

Our values are part of a corporate culture that permeates our daily work. TDE personality is reflected through its actions. TDE carries out all its operations with the commitment to achieving zero accidents for both its staff and that of contractor companies. Guaranteeing and working in a safe environment is one of our main values ​​and that is why we apply the highest international control standards and protocols in all our processes.

  • Respect, protection, safety, and care.

  • Collaboration. Working as a team, cooperating, and sharing.

  • Fair and responsible competition.
  • A work environment that is oriented towards human and professional development.

  • Excellence, efficiency, results, and reliability.

  • We comply with rules, both in the letter of the law and its spirit. Transparency and accountability.

  • Respect for the environment in every process and operation, contributing to the preservation of natural resources.

  • Social capital as a contribution to social development and the common good.

  • Innovation, progress, transformation, and inspiration.

  • Integrity, ethics, transparency and responsibility.

History and Milestones

The first two Low-Density Polyethylene production units were built in 1973 by SAETA S.A (a company formed by EXPLOSIVOS RIO TINTO, S.A. (ERT) and ATO CHEMIE); both units are identical in design and capacity.

In 1977, the third and last production unit was put into operation with double the capacity of the previous ones.

In 1975, E.R.T. acquired the part of the company belonging to ATO, and from that year on, E.R.T. became the sole owner of the facilities.

TRANSFORMADORA DE ETILENO,S.A. was founded in 1984, when a Joint Venture was formed between DOW CHEMICAL, S.A. (DOW) and REPSOL QUIMICA, S.A. (REPSOL) due to the sale by EXPLOSIVOS RIO TINTO, S.A. (E.R.T.) of the assets corresponding to the three LDPE manufacturing units.

Subsequently, in April 1992, the Company was transformed into TRANSFORMADORA DE ETILENO, an Economic Interest Grouping (E.I.G.) under Law 12/1991 of April 29th.

Throughout its history TDE is committed to working safely in all its processes, reaching “Triple zero” in 2015, a historical milestone 14 years without a process accident, 4 years without a reportable work accident (personal own and contractor personnel) and 1 year without LOPC (Loss of Primary Containment). TDE is recognized annually by Coashiq and Feique for its commitment to Safety in the way of working.